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HW Varsity Softball Raffle Winners Week One!!!



Checkout the winners for the Hopewell Varsity  Softball Raffle. There will be winners announced for each day of the drawing and posted weekly. HW Softball thanks everyone who purchased tickets and helped to raise funds for this raffle:


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Here are the lottery winners for this week:
4/1 Susie Leonard sold by Pinchotti
4/2 Susan Betters sold by
4/3 John Koblek
4/4 Norm Ely sold by Coach Rachel
4/5 Mary Lou Covalt sold by Alana Covalt
4/6 Steve Barkovich sold by Kara Barkovich

Week of April 7 winners:
4/7 Celeste Katkich (Bella Katkich
4/8 Jon Z. (Lily Parish)
4/9 Sue Taylor (Tori Mann)
4/10 Jacob Sims (Lizzie Jones)
4/11 Michelle Lamar’s (Mya Parish)
4/12 Vincent Anskate (Rilee Anskate)
4/13 Norm Ely (Coach Rachel)

Week of April 14 winners:
4/14 Jacob Sims (Lizzie Jones)
4/15 Pete Scully (Teagan Scully)
4/16 Jessica Malevich (Mya Parish)
4/17 Norm Ely (Coach Rachel)
4/18 Delores Jones (Mikaela David)
4/19 Delores Jones (Mikaela David)
4/20 Forrest Statler (Lily Statler)

Week of April 21 winners
4/21 Janet Caldarelli (Ally Ramaley)
4/22 Norm Ely (Coach Rachel)
4/23 Carl Naggy (Tallulah Showrank)
4/24 Shanna Funwela (Dakota Roche)
4/25 Tiffany Jury (Lily Parish)
4/26 Dan Losco (Ally Ramaley)
4/27 Margie Blackburn (Mikaela David)

Winnings by Day:

Hello Hopewell! While I am not originally a Hopewell native, it has been my home for over 12 years. My wife and I have three beautiful children that all play Hopewell sports including baseball and softball. My wife and I are both active in coaching our Children's teams. I am a member of the Hopewell Youth Baseball Board of Directors and you will probably see me out at the fields at least a few days a week. Most recently coaching my youngest sons TBALL team.

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