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Hopewell Girls Youth Basketball

Dominant Performance Tonight by the Hopewell Girls Basketball 4th, 5th and 6th Grade Teams



In sports, there are time when your team(s) is just more talented than your opponent.

Regardless of what you try and do as a coach to try and respect your opponent and not try and run the score up it becomes difficult.

That was the case tonight for the Hopewell Girls Basketball 4th, 5th and 6th grade teams as they hosted the Rochester Rams. All three Hopewell coaches made plenty of substitutions and played their entire rosters but the overall talent on their rosters were far superior to that of Rochester.

It was nice to see that despite the lopsided scores, both teams showed great sportsmanship throughout all three contests.

In the first game of the evening, the Hopewell 4th grade win won by the score of 29-1.


The next game with the 5th graders was pretty much the same things as the Vikings dominated play from the opening tip enroute to a 28-10 victory.

Hopewell Sports Nation was in attendance and here were the highlights:

1st Quarter Recap:
-Off the opening tip of the game, Hopewell’s Rilynn Davis grabbed the loose ball and darted straight to the basket for a layup. Hopewell 2-0.

-Following a missed shot, No. 1 Isla Rock grabbed an offensive rebound and put it back in for a layup. Hopewell 4-0.

-Later in the quarter, Rock showed quick hands and came up with a steal and took it in for another layup. Hopewell 6-0.

-Lydia Jaquay with a nice pass to Davis, who finishes for two more. Hopewell 8-0.

-Following that hoop, Davis stripped the ball from the Rochester guard and took it the length of the court for another layup. Hopewell 10-0

-More Hopewell defense as this time it was Jaquay got the steal and converted it for another Hopewell basket. Hopewell 12-0.

-Defense, defense, defense. This time it’s Talia Santia with the steal and 2. Hopewell 14-0.

-Near the end of the quarter, Gia Yurcina with the shot, Rock grabs the offensive rebound and puts it back in for two. Hopewell 16-0.

-Last basket of the quarter came from Cora Quinn, who grabbed an offensive rebound from a missed shot from Yurcina. Hopewell 18-0.

2nd Quarter Recap:
-First basket of the 2nd quarter came from Gia Yurcina off a great pass from Quinn. Hopewell 20-0.


3rd Quarter Recap:
-Off a nice inbounds play, Davis got the pass and put it back in. Hopewell 22-6.

-More Davis as she came up with another steal and layup. Hopewell 24-6.

-Later in the quarter, Jaquay with a nice pass to Davis, who banks it off the glass. Hopewell 26-6.

-The final basket of the evening for Hopewell was scored by Callie Sadler.



Davis with 12 pts.
Rock with 6 pts.
Yurcina with 2 pts.
Jaquay with 2 pts.
Santia with 2 pts.
Sadler with 2 pts.
Quinn with 2 pts.


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The future sure seems bright for the Hopewell Girls basketball program as a whole. The High School girls, who made the playoffs, is only graduating one player from this year’s team. The Junior High girls had a tremendous season and has a bunch of talent that will contribute soon on the varsity squad. It doesn’t end there as Rushel Shell’s 6th grade team is loaded with talent as we witnessed this evening.

1st Quarter Recap:
-Afton Budris with a missed shot but No. 2 Arionna Shell was there to snatch the rebound and put it back up for a layup. Hopewell 2-0.

-Off an inbounds play, Budris converted for 2 off the glass. Hopewell 4-0.

-The Vikings with a nice trap in the corner which resulted in a steal and a layup for Amiyah Shell. Hopewell 6-0.

-Near the end of the quarter, Sam Holsinger showed her range with a shot off the glass. Hopewell 8-0.

End of 1st Quarter: Hopewell 8 Rochester 0.

2nd Quarter Recap:
-Budris comes up with a steal and finds Brooke Otto with a really nice pass and Otto converts for two. Hopewell 10-0.

-More defense from Budris as she grabs a loose ball and goes coast to coast for 2. Hopewell 12-0.

-Minutes later, Budris steals an inbounds pass and keeps it and puts it in for a layup. Hopewell 16-0.

-Vikings crashed the boards hard tonight, on this possession, it was Amiyah Shell putting it in off a missed shot. Hopewell 18-0.

-More Amiyah Shell as this time, she strips the guard of the ball and takes it in for a layup. Hopewell 20-0.

-The 6th grade team was even hitting 3-pointers as Dallas Boyd connected from deep. Hopewell 23-0.

-Then the final basket of the half came from Holsinger, who hits a deep shot from the top of the key. Hopewell 25-0.

HALFTIME: Hopewell 25 Rochester 0.

3rd Quarter Recap:
-Amiyah Shell with a nice pass to Budris, who was posted in the block, and she converts for 2. Hopewell 28-0.

-The next two baskets for Hopewell were scored down in the paint from Amiyah Shell. Hopewell 30-0.

-More great shooting by Holsinger as she knocks down another shot from the outside. Hopewell 34-2.

End of 3rd Quarter: Hopewell 34 Rochester 2.

4th Quarter Recap:
-The first two baskets of the quarter came as a result of steals, both Budris and Otto came up with the steals and converted layups. Hopewell 38-2.

-Nice over the top pass from Hopewell resulted in 2 off the glass for No. 21 Ellie McCoy. Hopewell 40-2.

-Final basket of the evening came off a deep three, once again from Boyd. Hopewell 43-2.

FINAL SCORE: Hopewell 43 Rochester 2.

Great job tonight Hopewell !!

FYI, HSH hired a photographer for tonight’s games and will have a photo gallery full of pictures tomorrow.

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