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Little Dribblers Come Cheer On Your Coaches and Hopewell Junior High Girls Basketball Team Today



Bonding and community support are essential for any successful sports program, especially at the school level.

The leaders of the Hopewell Little Dribblers basketball program started something this season that is outstanding and a great example of that.

Instead of having all adults coaches these young players at practice and during their games, the Hopewell Basketball organization has gotten girls on the Hopewell Junior High program to come work with the kids. To this point, it’s been a tremendous success as the older girls are doing a great job instructing the young players as well making them feel comfortable and making sure they have a good time.

Despite their busy schedule, this group of junior high girls are showing up every Wednesday evening for practice and on Friday’s or Saturdays to coach the Little Dribblers for their games. Junior High players that are involved with this are Ava Ray, Lily Enders, Layla Biller, Addison Blosnick, Audriahna Hunter, Lily Otto, Karley Boring, Calasia Cannon, Hannah McDowell, Abby Babinsack and Tyler Armour.

The league is now looking for the players to thank their coaches and to show them some support.

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An event is being held, ‘Little Dribbers Night At The Junior High Girls Game‘ and it’ll take place this afternoon at 3:30 PM.

The 7th grade game starts at 3:30 pm and the 8th grade game starts at 4:30 PM. We’re asking as many Little Dribblers as possible to show up at the Junior High to come watch your coaches play and cheer them on. No doubt, they’d love to see you in the stands.

Let’s Make This Happen Hopewell!!

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