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HSN Talks To Hopewell Athletic Director Don Short About Vacant HS Football Coaching Position



As was made known on Monday, Hopewell High School is looking for a new varsity football coach following the resignation of Matt Weiss.

Weiss just completed his fifth season as Viking coach and made the decision to step away in order to spend more time with his three children and wife.

The process is underway for Superintendent Jeff Beltz, Athletic Director Don Short and the School Board to find a new person to lead the football program.

The question now becomes what kind of candidates will Hopewell attract for this job?

This afternoon, Hopewell Sports Nation was able to catch up briefly with longtime Hopewell AD Don Short to ask him some basic questions such as- what’s the timeline to have a coach in place, what’s the early interest been, the qualities he’s looking for in his next coach and does he believe this job can attract attractive candidates?

Timeline– “I just want to get the best person possible. A timeline has not really been established but I’d assume sooner rather than later.

Early Interest in Position– “I’ve had some people calling and such, but nothing is official until someone turns in a resume. We’ll go from there and work thru the process.”

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Qualities He’s Looking For– “I can only speak for myself, No. 1, experience working as a high school or college coach. No. 2, discipline along with organization. No. 3, communication. No. 4, dedication.

Attractive Position? – “Who knows. Anymore and this is everywhere, less people are wanting to apply for stuff because they don’t want to coach, don’t want to officiate. The pools are getting smaller and smaller every year.”

Although Short didn’t say this, you can just read between the lines with that the last answer and assume he’s referring to the difficulties of coaching today in all sports because of the difference and dedication of today’s athletes, the problems coaches receive from unhappy parents, etc. Considering the time they put in and the pay they receive; coaching is becoming less desirable and that’s sad.

That being said, Hopewell will fill this position with the candidate they believe is best qualified to turn this once proud program around.

Hopewell Sports Nation will try and continue to update you on the coaching search.

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