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Hopewell High School Cheerleader Tryouts For the 2024-25 Season Approaching



As the end of the year approaches, the start of a new cheer season arrives!

Our 2024-25 Hopewell Viking High School Cheerleading tryouts are coming up on May 6th. There will be two material days: April 30th from 6-8 PM and May 1st from 6-8 PM. Please arrive at tryouts at 5 PM and judging will begin at 6:30 PM.

The registration link to sign up is on Hopewell Vikings Cheerleaders Facebook, and you must have a teacher evaluation form in order to try out. If you need one, it can be found in the athletic office at the High School, and the main office at the Junior High.

Kicking off this season, the seniors of 2025 are already preparing for a great start. I had the chance to talk to upcoming senior Kristina Lucas and got her thoughts on tryouts, seniority, and positivity throughout the season.

“The feeling of being a senior can be both exciting and nerve wracking,” said Lucas. “As a senior, I think I just want to be sure everyone is feeling included, at least to the best of my ability. I also want to try and make sure everyone is being as positive and uplifting as they can each day, because as a team, everyone is in it together and our attitudes definitely have an overall impact.”

“Thinking about being a senior on the team is very overwhelming but yet extremely exciting. I am so excited for what the season has to hold and knowing I have three other amazing people alongside me to help guide one another makes me feel more comfortable and prepared for the season. I think that everyone will need to communicate and just put their best efforts forward just like the seniors last year have done, and I’m very hopeful for the outlook of our overall season.”

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Tryouts also can be extremely overwhelming, even when you are a senior, but Kristina never fails to have a positive attitude.

“Going into tryouts I have a positive and hopeful outlook,” said Lucas. “I’m excited to meet new people who are interested in joining cheer and I’m eager to see what people bring to our team. I will admit, I’m nervous for our new coach, but I’m sure that no matter what, everything will work out in the end and things will be for the best, regardless.”

Going back to her positive attitude, Kristina wants to promote positivity throughout the entire Hopewell Cheer Team.

“I think that spreading the message about tryouts is a start to promoting positivity for the team, as well as being very welcoming to any new or old additions to the team. As far as who gets placed on the team, being a good sport no matter who is put on JV or Varsity and even for those who don’t make the team. Being inclusive and uplifting throughout the process can definitely help the mindset of anyone.”

Our teams wants to continue the fantastic legacy that our past holds, going to WPIAL’s and States in Hershey, PA every year. Mostly the key to our great team is made up of so much more than what people may think. Our team is made up of hard work, dedication, friendship, growth, learning, and a lot more that couldn’t be possibly put into words. We have such incredible people and the effort put forward to perform and compete like e do is what makes Hopewell Cheerleading, Hopewell Cheerleading.

If anyone has any specific questions, please feel free to email Coach Kelly Waibel at

(Hopewell Sports Nation writer Emma Majewicz is a member of the Hopewell Cheerleading Team)

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