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Hopewell HS Soccer Player Nicholas Revier Commits To Play at Pitt-Greensburg



Hopewell Sports Nation wanted to recognize and congratulate another Hopewell Viking that will be using their athletic talent to continue to play in college.

Hopewell Boys soccer goalkeeper Nicholas Revier has given a commitment to play college soccer at Pitt-Greensburg.

Revier was an important member of the Hopewell 2023 team that advanced to the playoffs and beat defending champion Deer Lakes, in the first round of the WPIAL Playoffs. That win over Deer Lakes was the first playoff win for the Hopewell boys’ team in 12 seasons.

HSN caught up with Revier to ask him about his decision and the opportunity he has to continue playing soccer in college.

“Pitt Greensburg was a school that felt like home, I felt relaxed, like I knew where my place was,” said Revier. “Aside from having a great soccer team, I looked for a school academically as well, a place I could go even if soccer wouldn’t be there for me.”

“I mean, it’s a relief. College soccer is something I promised my parents a long time ago. I told them that I wouldn’t be done after high school. But to be honest, that last high school game felt as though maybe I was done, maybe it was over. But talking on the phone with coach Bucci it’s feels as though every dream I had wished for came true in a matter of minutes.”

Revier says that he’s always dreamed of playing college soccer and started working on it at the age of three.

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“Soccer has always been in my life. There hasn’t been a time I can remember where I wasn’t playing,” Revier tells HSN. “I always dreamed of playing in college, but it always seemed too far-fetched. I always heard that I was too short, or I’m this or that. I just always wanted to prove people wrong.”

“My first year in high school, I got my wakeup call that I’m not the best on a team and that I have to work and work. My freshman year pushed me to become the player I am today. Coming up from middle school and seeing a much taller kid in net was my realization moment. Nick Kristian was a huge inspiration in my life, I pushed to be like him each and every practice if it wasn’t for him who knows where I’d be.”

Revier realizes that he didn’t get to this point on his own and wanted to thank some people who have helped him along the way to get to this point.
“My parents have pushed me day in and day out to become better and where I’m at now isn’t enough,” said Revier. “It seems harsh but it’s what I think most kids need. There’s always bigger, there’s always better but if I can work harder than you, what’s saying I can’t be better than you. It’s a life lesson that soccer and my family have taught me.”

“My coaches at Beadling, Coach Adam, I can’t thank him enough. I give most of my credit to him because he’s pushed me throughout my entire club career. Coach Adam would be the first to yell at me to work harder and the first to pick me up when maybe I went a little too hard. It’s him who developed me into that next level. As well as coach Armondo Marcantonio. From a young age he always believed in me, he told me I could go as far as I wanted if I pushed for it. Without his inspiration and guidance, I wouldn’t have known where to begin, he kept me in the sport for years.’

While at Pitt-Greensburg, Revier plans on majoring in Criminal Justice and eventually joining the police force after college.

“I think it’s a job where I can be active and hands on helping those in need. A job and career where I don’t feel stuck. I am very excited to begin my college career and can’t wait to see where it takes me.”

Congrats Nick on all that you’ve accomplished, and we wish you the best of luck in the future!

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