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Hopewell Vikings vs. South Side Game Highlights and Recap



Despite the 33-7 loss to South Side it was a great night for football at the Tony Dorsett Stadium for the home opener. Huge crowds of families and students showed up to support our Hopewell Vikings to get the season kicked off. Students had their Beach theme on full display along with a positive winning attitude the entire night.

Hopewell took some time out tonight to honor the 2023 Hall of Fame inductees including: Chuck Blainey, Dale Grimes, Butch Bass, Dana Spagnuolo, Kim Zuchavich McCade, and Vince Grotto. Some of these inductees still maintain the highest stat records to this day in their respective sports. Congratulations to all inductees and thank you for your continued support of our great town of Hopewell.

Hopewell’s offense was slow to get started but appeared to get more comfortable as the game went on, the defense started off strong and tapered off as fatigue set in later in the game after the half. Early on the Hopewell defense made some important stops, holding SS to a field goal on their opening drive and then making the stop holding SS scoreless. On the second drive the Hopewell DB’s force SS into an immediate 3rd down situation and then force a fumble to make a quick 3 and out. The offense failed to move the ball in the first three drives, but a great second effort on 4th and 1 by #2 Jacob Brunton gives Hopewell their first 1st and 10 of the night moving the chains. Jacob’s continued drive would carry on throughout the game.

The first score of the night came from South Side in the second quarter with a run from Ludwig to the corner pylon to put SS up by 6, with a good extra point making it 7-0 SS. After another good drive by SS the scored on rushing attempt for touchdown making it 14-0 near the end of the first half, but just as the crowd was quieting the Hopewell special teams comes up big on a punt to SS that was muffed after a monster kick. Hopewell recovers the muffed attempt and their drive was able to continue 1st and 10 on the 26 giving them a great opportunity to put some points up on the board, #7 Baldwin recovers the muffed punt. Hopewell was re-energized at this point and takes advantage of the opportunity to put 7 points on the board with a touch down pass to Logan Triscilla making it 14-7!

South Side comes out strong in the second half marching down the field and punching in a quick Touchdown to get the half started, score now 20-7 after a missed extra point attempt. SS defense dominated the next drive forcing Hopewell to punt. SS tacks on another quick TD with a big run by #9 taking the score to 27-7 early in the second half. Hopewell did manage to drive the ball down the field for a field goal attempt in the coming drives in the 4th, but some untimely penalties backed the kicker up forcing a missed field goal attempt. SS calmed the crowed after that and with a strong running game to wind down the 4th quarter puts another score on the board making it 33-7. Hopewell could not mount a come back at this point as time expires.

Although a touch loss, there were many positive signs that Hopewell can build on as the season progresses. The team attitude remained positive throughout the game and they never stopped working.

Game Recap:

First Quarter:

Hopewell Ball

Hopewell wins the coin toss and elects to receive, drive starts at the 20 yard line

  1. Two incomplete passes, and one run on the first drive for 3 yards
  2. 3 and out for the Vikings after a flag on the play to make it 4th down

South Side Ball

  1. Start the drive at the 40 yard line after a towering high punt from Hopewell that fails to move the ball
  2. First run out of the gate by SS #22 Navarro nets 22 yards tackled by Pipkins
  3. Second play is a pitch to Navarro and a tackled made by #8 Jeter 3rd and 5
  4. Flag on the previous play backs up SS, 3rd and 10, pass in complete to Navarro
  5. 4th and 10 HV come up with a BIG stop and prevent the field goal

Hopewell Ball

  1. Hopewell takes over at the 20 after the missed field goal, Krotec has a nice run but that was negated by a flag on the first play (holding) which backs them up 10 yards and replay of the down
  2. Next play is an incomplete pass from Krotec behind the receiver 2nd and 25
  3. Incomplete pass intended for #9 Adams, 3rd and 25
  4. Reception by Baldwin at the 20 short of the first down, HW Punts, net 11 yard punt

South Side Ball

  1. First play pass attempt broken up by HW #7 Baldwin
  2. Incomplete pass 3rd and 10
  3. Attempted run, fumble recovery by Navarro, tackled by Pipkins – Punt

Hopewell Ball

  1. Jacob Brunton carries the ball to open the drive for a yard
  2. Krotec back to pass, complete to #24 Pisano for 3 yards, 3rd and 6
  3. Pass to #14 Triscilla complete bringing it to 4th and 1, Hopewell elects to go for it on 4th
  4. #2 Jacob Brunton gets the call on 4th and gains the yard after an excellent second effort
  5. Flag against Hopewell drops them back 5, 1st and 15
  6. Hand off to #2 Brunton for a gain of 1, 2nd and 14 on the 32 yard line
  7. Flag on the play HV 2nd and 20
  8. Incomplete Pass to #24 Pisano, Hopewell Punts, punt gains small yardage giving SS good field position

South Side Ball

  1. SS comes out running the ball on the third drive with three back to back running plays for 3, 5, and 30 yards putting them in scoring position
  2. QB sneak is negated by flag, 1st and 10 on the 37
  3. Run for 13 yards ends the first quarter with the ball on the 25
  4. Logan Ludwig leads off the second with a run to the corner and puts 6 on the board for SS this is the first score of the game
  5. Extra point was good making it 7-0 South Side at the beginning of the second quarter

Second Quarter:

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Hopewell Ball

  1. Drive starts at the 14, #2 Brunton carries for no gain.
  2. Brunton breaks a tackle and scrambles for 10, moving the chains for the second time tonight
  3. Timeout taken by Hopewell
  4. Brunton carries for 2 yards getting the ball to the 29 yard line
  5. Krotec back to pass to Pisano, incomplete
  6. Next pass is incomplete thrown into triple coverage of SS, HW Punts
  7. Excellent punt backs SS up onto their side of the field for the first time of the night back to the 36

South Side Ball

  1. Navarro with the first carry for 10 yards
  2. Pass complete for a first down at the 28 yard line, timeout called by HW to slow down the tempo and gain a breather
  3. 2nd and 1 at the 9 yard line, run by Navarro straight up the middle for a touchdown, 14-0 with 5:32 remaining in the half

Hopewell Ball

  1. Kick out of bounds gives Hopewell the ball at the 35
  2. Run fumbled and recovered by Brunton under pressure for a loss of 2, 3rd and 16 on the 29
  3. Screen play to Brunton for 6 yards, punt.
  4. Muffed punt and recovery by HW gives the Vikings possession at the 26 with a renewed energy
  5. Brunton runs for 5 yards, and then again for getting the ball to the 13 yard line
  6. Brunton scrambles again with a huge second effort making SS stop him at the 6
  7. Brunton determined to put the ball in the end zone scrambles down to the one just shy of the goal
  8. False start left tackle for HW backs them up 5 yards, 1st and goal at the 6 yard line
  9. Krotec looks right but has nothing there and is forced to scramble left and connects with #14 Triscilla for a touchdown!
  10. Game is now 14-7, Hopewell re-energized and moving the ball.

South Side: Punt run back by #22 ends the half.


Third Quarter:

South Side Ball

  1. Opening play of third quarter goes for 60 yards by the quarterback, with a personal foul by HW giving SS the ball near the goal line
  2. Run by 22 Navarro for one yard, with a nice stop by #7 Baldwin to knock the ball loose, but called down by the referee
  3. Rush by #44 takes the ball to the 1 yard line, 2nd and goal
  4. QB sneak for the TD makes it a 20-7 game after a blocked extra point.

Hopewell Ball

  1. Kickoff for a touchback
  2. Rush attempt brings ball to the 33
  3. Rush for no gain and next rush stuffed at the line
  4. Incomplete pass to Baldwin, punt

South Side Ball

  1. Incomplete Pass attempt
  2. #9 rushes for 60 yards on his second break away scramble of the night
  3. Touchdown, 27-7

Hopewell Ball

  1. Kickoff return was good but negated by two penalties, 1st and 1o on the 20
  2. Pass complete to #24 Pisano for 3 yards
  3. Run by QB Krotec for 1 yard
  4. Pass incomplete – Punt
  5. 30 yards punt with flag on the play, HW declines

South Side Ball

  1. Pass incomplete
  2. D-line stuffs run at the line
  3. Pass broken up by Triscilla – Punt

Hopewell Ball

  1. Pass to the 18 for first down
  2. Pass for 15 yards and a first down to the 37
  3. Krotec flushed out of pocket and stops the run
  4. Krotec under pressure again throws quickly, Picked Off by #10 SS

Fourth Quarter:

South Side Ball

  1. Defense comes up big with multiple stuffed runs
  2. Incomplete pass
  3. 3 and out for SS – Punt

Hopewell Ball

  1. First and ten on the 24
  2. 16 yard run by Krotec
  3. Bruton rushed, no gain
  4. Pass complete to Pisano for 20 yards – Injury timeout
  5. Pass complete to #23 Vincent Boris
  6. Two rushing attempts by Brunton takes it to 2nd and 4
  7. Flag – false start offense
  8. Pass complete to Brunton at the 24
  9. Pass incomplete intended for Garcia
  10. Flag on the play, false start offense
  11. Missed field goal attempt, slightly right after two penalties back the kicked up significantly

South Side Ball

  1. Three back to back runs by Navarro to work the clock down
  2. Flag on the play, HW defense struggles to slow down SS
  3. Personal foul face mask #7, 2nd and 4 at the 32
  4. Run for a first down
  5. Run by 44 up the gut of the defense
  6. #9 runs up the middle
  7. Navarro breaks left on a run and scampers past the pylon for the touchdown, 33-7

Final Drive by Hopewell

  1. Brunton on the runs topped at the line
  2. Bad snap fumble recovery by Brunton to save turnover
  3. Penalty – delay of game
  4. Time expires

Hello Hopewell! While I am not originally a Hopewell native, it has been my home for over 12 years. My wife and I have three beautiful children that all play Hopewell sports including baseball and softball. My wife and I are both active in coaching our Children's teams. I am a member of the Hopewell Youth Baseball Board of Directors and you will probably see me out at the fields at least a few days a week. Most recently coaching my youngest sons TBALL team.

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