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Ice Baths Are Helping with Preventative Maintenance for Players



I’m not going to sugarcoat things, football practices this time of the year aren’t easy.

Whether it’s the NFL, college or high school football, practices prior to the start of the season are challenging. The biggest reason for that is that is because of the length and the number of practices.

Once the season starts, teams won’t be practicing twice a day and the practices won’t be as along but until then, players are challenged both physically and mentally.

In order to help with the bumps and bruises, the Hopewell High School football coaches are doing something that is benefiting their players now and no doubt down the road.

Immediately following practice, the coaches are encouraging the players to get an ice bath. This is something that is a regular part of college football practices.

The Weiss family purchased large, plastic garbage cans, which are filled with cold water and ice. As the players come off the field, these “ice cans” are right outside the players locker room.

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Ice baths are a great form of preventative maintenance for the players. It gets the soreness out of muscles quicker and gets your body feeling a lot better. Most times, if you just go from the practice and straight to the shower, you’re not treating your body the way it should be treated.

HSN is told that the players have loved this and are doing it after every practice this summer, sometimes getting 2-3 ice baths per day. At first, the offensive and defensive lineman were the most receptive towards this, but it didn’t take long before all the players wanted to do it.

As Coach Weiss preaches to the players on a daily basis, it’s all about taking care of your body!

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