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Sheffield Juniors Celebrates End of Season w/Banquet!



The Sheffield Juniors held their end-of-season banquet at Sheffield Lanes on Saturday, April 27th.  In addition to open bowling for league members (and parents) and plenty of Ricky Dee’s Pizza for all, awards were handed out for season accomplishments.  All bowlers received a medal with their name and season statistics (average, high game, and high series).  Other trophies and medals were awarded as follows:
  • First Place Team: Jack Bulebush, Jaxson Heppner, Logan Tatarko, and Josh Armstrong
  • Second Place Team: Joe Bulebush, Nolan Houy, Max Butter, Thomas Turino
  • Most Improved Average
    • Boys: Max Butter (+42 pins)
    • Girls: Lenora Heppner (+28 pins)
  • Prep (Younger) Boys
    • Average: 1st – Masyn Teter (135), 2nd – Jack Bulebush (109), 3rd – Desmond Sembower (108)
    • Scratch Game: 1st – Blake Mowry (197), 2nd – Desmond Sembower (195), 3rd – Masyn Teter (172)
    • Scratch Series: 1st – Masyn Teter (486), 2nd – Desmond Sembower (436), 3rd – Blake Mowry (420)
    • Handicap Game: 1st – Logan Tatarko (272), 2nd – Ryan Ault (261), 3rd – AJ Mutkus (249), 4th – Nathan Cronin (244)
    • Handicap Series: 1st – Theo Patosky (669), 2nd – Jaxson Heppner (654), 3rd – Richie Yeager (648), 4th – Matt Stiteler (646)
  • Junior (Older) Boys
    • Average: 1st – Matthew Martin (178), 2nd – Aidan Heppner (172), 3rd – John Leitschaft (165)
    • Scratch Game: 1st – John Leitschaft (244), 2nd – Aidan Heppner (239), 3rd – Auggie Mutkus (234)
    • Scratch Series: 1st – Aidan Heppner (643), 2nd – Matthew Martin (614), 3rd – John Leitschaft (603)
    • Handicap Game: 1st – Ayden Gault (275), 2nd – Nolan Houy (267), 3rd – Brayden Mowry (266), 4th – Paul Trapizona (265), 5th – Alex Thompson (263)
    • Handicap Series: 1st – Max Butter (725), 2nd – Aiden Klette (696), 3rd – William Holland (685), 4th – Thomas Turino (684), 5th – Jeremiah Butler (682)
  • Prep (Younger) Girls
    • Average: 1st – Gabrielle Trapizona (89), 2nd – Sofia Cronin (86), 3rd – Lenora Heppner (85)
    • Scratch Game: 1st – Lenora Heppner (147), 2nd – Gabrielle Trapizona (143), 3rd – Sofia Cronin (135)
    • Scratch Series: 1st – Lenora Heppner (397), 2nd – Sofia Cronin (340), 3rd – Gabrielle Trapizona (334)
  • Junior (Older) Girls
    • Average: 1st – Annabeth Sembower (152), 2nd – Melina Killmeyer (134), 3rd – Adriana Valvo (107), 4th – Krysten Clary (94)
    • Scratch Game: 1st – Annabeth Sembower (213), 2nd – Melina Killmeyer (210), 3rd – Adriana Valvo (153)
    • Scratch Series: 1st – Annabeth Sembower (550), 2nd – Melina Killmeyer (514), 3rd – Adriana Valvo (391)
  • Perfect Attendance: Paul Trapizona, Aidan Heppner, Jaxson Heppner, Aiden Klette, Alex Thompson, Logan Tatarko, Richie Yeager, Ryan Ault, Max Butter, Thomas Turino, Annabeth Sembower, and Gabrielle Trapizona
In addition, Jack Bulebush bowled a game of 100+ pins over average in the roll-off (a career-high 211).  As the roll-off is bowling’s version of a playoff, games bowled there do not count toward regular season statistics.  In recognition of Jack’s postseason performance, he was awarded a vintage USBC 100-pin over average watch (donated by George Christian) during the banquet.
Sheffield Juniors were coached during the 2023-2024 season by Scott Martin and Mark Sembower.  Additional staff included Mike Kampmeyer (counter help, lane maintenance, coaching), Beth Martin (finance, league coordination/administration), and Debbie Thompson (snack salesperson extraordinaire).  And, of course, this youth league would not be possible without the continued support of Jeannie, Rick, and Zach D’Agostino at Sheffield Lanes.
Finally, the league would like to acknowledge the contributions of outgoing staff members Mike Kampmeyer (who has been involved with Sheffield Juniors for 23 years!) and Scott & Beth Martin.  Each of you has made a difference in the lives of so many of our local youth bowlers over your time helping out with this league.  Thank you!
[Info on attached pictures]
  1. 1st Place.jpg: Josh Armstrong, Jaxson Heppner, Logan Tatarko, Jack Bulebush (left to right)
  2. 1st Place + Coaches.jpg: Coach Mark Sembower, Josh Armstrong, Jaxson Heppner, Logan Tatarko, Jack Bulebush, Coach Scott Martin (left to right)
  3. 2nd Place.jpg: Joe Bulebush and Max Butter (left to right, not pictured: Nolan Houy and Thomas Turino)
  4. Most Improved.jpg: Most Improved Averages: Max Butter and Lenora Heppner
  5. Jack & George.jpg: Jack Bulebush and Beaver County Hall of Fame Bowler George Christian (who donated an award for Jack’s postseason performance in the roll-off)
  6. Banquet 1.jpg: A view from the lanes as awards were being handed out
  7. Banquet 2.jpg: Side view during the awards ceremony

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