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Sheffield Juniors Roll-Off Recap



The Sheffield Juniors closed out their bowling season Saturday morning with the roll-off (the bowling league equivalent of the playoffs) at Sheffield Lanes.

The season was divided into 8-week quarters. Only the quarter winners were eligible to bowl this week. All roll-off teams bowl three games, with the winner determined by team total pins (including handicap).

Bowling This Week Were:
-Team 9: Joe Bulebush, Nolan Houy, Max Butter and Thomas Turino.

-Team 3: Ryan Ault, Paul Trapizona, John Leitschaft and Aidan Heppner.

-Team 6: Desmond Sembower, Richie Yeager, Nathan Cronin and Blake Mowry.

-Team 8: Jack Bulebush, Jaxson Heppner, Logan Tatarko and Josh Armstrong.

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Big games by Max Butter (211) and Nolan Houy (186) propelled Team 9 into an early lead, with a 41-pin advantage over the second-place team after game 1. Other notable first-game scores were 204 from Aidan Heppner and 181 from Ryan Ault.

Team 8 erased that deficit by the end of Game 2 and built up a sizeable led of their own at +55 pins at that point. Jack Bulebush had the big game for Team 8 in game 2 with a career-high 211 (and more than 100 pins over his average).

Despite a late run by Team 9 towards the end of game 3, Team 8 held on for the victory, expanding their advantage over Team 9 to 83 pins by the end of the third game. Team 3 finished in 3rd place. Team 6 finished fourth.

Every week, Junior bowlers are recognized who had games of 50 or more pins over their averages. This week, even with only 4 teams bowling, an impressive five bowlers rolled games of 50 pins or more over their averages: Jack Bulebush (all 3 games: 211, 164, and 160). Max Butter (211), Nolan Houy (186), Ryan Ault (181), and Thomas Turino (154). Great job bowlers!!

Trophies for this week’s winners, as well as other season achievements, will be awarded next Saturday morning at the Sheffield Juniors banquet.

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