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Zach Kovell, Running Down a Dream



Jeff Brunton, the High School and Middle School Track Coach, has seen greatness in junior Zach Kovell. Brunton has been the Head Coach of Hopewell Track for 11 years.  Kovell’s work ethic is rare and special. His goal is to break the Hopewell High School 400-yard dash record. The record is held by Shawn Kimbrough who set the Hopewell record in 1982 with a time of 48.21 seconds. Kovell’s current best is 51.79 seconds.

A typical day of training for Kovell is based on the type of workout they have scheduled that day. Some workouts they have include speed, technique, and most importantly a lactate workout. A lactate workout is “when you get into the deep end of the race.” A Lactate workout is necessary for finishing out the race.  Pushing your body past its limits and finishing strong. Really “putting your foot on the gas and emptying your tank.”

Courtesy Zach Kovell

When people hear Kovell’s name, they instantly think about his work ethic. He is constantly putting in work…. day in and day out. He practices Monday through Saturday. Zach once said, “I want to be the best at whatever I do.”

When it comes to Coach Brunton, one wonders how does he do it? How did he help make Kovell an elite track athlete? According to Coach Brunton “I strongly believe that Kovell can break the school record that hasn’t been broken in more than 40 years.” Coach Brunton says that he needs to feed Kovell the right workouts to make Zach better.

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Courtesy Zach Kovell

Zach has been running track for 3 years and is a multi-sports athlete. He has been playing basketball all his life. Kovell says, “If you want to get better at something. Work. Work. Work. If you work hard on something, you can be good at anything. “

Kovell is now a Junior and will hope to chase down his dream of becoming the record holder of the 400-yard dash for Hopewell High School.  We at Hopewell Sports Nation wish him luck.

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