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Hopewell Junior High Girls Volleyball Match Recap vs. Montour



The Hopewell Girls Junior High Volleyball team was in action last week as they hosted the Montour Spartans.

The 7th grade girls hoped to turn things around as they faced Montour. The girls lost the last time they faced the Spartans but hoped to win Friday in their final match of the year.

Here are some in-game highlights of the 7th graders match.


Hopewell had the first serve of the match.

Lillian Otto serves and scores Hopewell 1-0

  • Montour misses serve Hopewell 2-1
  • Audriahna Hunter return Hopewell 3-1
  • Ava Ray serve successful Hopewell 4-1
  • Calasia Cannon block Hopewell 5-5 tied.
  • Bella Chipola good return Montour 9-7
  • Bad serve by Montour. Montour 11-8
  • Lily Enders nice hit over. Montour 11-9
  • Abigail Babinsack serve Montour 11-12
  • Kaycee Gini spike over net Montour 14-11
  • Lillian Otto serves successful. Montour 14-12
  • Montour hits ball out Montour 17-13
  • Bad serve Montour    Montour 20-14
  • Good serve Ava Ray. Montour 20-14

End of Set 1 Montour 25 Hopewell 15


  • Calasia Cannon block Montour 4-3
  • Bella chipolla serve Tied 4-4
  • Audriahna Hunter nice return Montour 12-5
  • Calasia Cannon return Montour 12-6
  • Bad serve Montour. Montour 16-7
  • Abigail Babinsack over the net Montour 17-8
  • Bad serve Montour. Montour 19-9
  • Abigail Babinsack point Montour 19-10
  • Abigail Babinsack serve. Montour 19-11
  • Abigail Babinsack serve. Montour 19-12
  • Bad serve Montour. Montour 20-13
  • Calasia Cannon spike. Montour 22-14

Montour wins the match 25-14.


Following the 7th grade match, the Hopewell the 8th grade team hosted a talented Montour team in their final game of the year. Coach Borkovic’s squad fell short in this match, but they were extremely competitive against a good program. Good luck to all of the 8th graders that will be joining the Hopewell High School program next season. 

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  • Teagan Murray serve. Hopewell 1-0
  • Hannah McDowell finish over the net. Hopewell 2-0
  • Lilly Oldham over the net. Hopewell 3-1
  • Hannah McDowell over the net. Hopewell 4-2
  • Hannah McDowell serves. Hopewell 5-2
  • Addison Pavlisko over the net. Hopewell 6-4
  • Rejected by Jiselle Cain. Hopewell 7-4
  • Addison Blosnick point. Hopewell 8-4
  • Teagan Murray over the net.  Hopewell 10-6
  • Malia Veloz point. Hopewell 11-9
  • Lilly Oldham point. Hopewell 12-9
  • Hannah McDowell point. Hopewell 13-10
  • Timeout by Hopewell. Montour 16-13
  • Tip by Sydney Malackanich.  Montour 17-14
  • Serve by Hannah McDowell. Montour 17-15
  • Jiselle Cain point. Montour 19-16
  • Point by Teagan Murray. Montour 22-17
  • Point by Malia Voloz. Montour 24-18

Montour wins the set 25-18.


  • Addison Blosnick point.  Montour 2-1
  • Khloe Fredericks point. Montour 3-2
  • Addison Blosnick point. Montour 6-3
  • Addison Blosnick serve. Montour 6-4
  • Cici Smetana point. Montour 7-5
  • Madeline Early point.  Montour 7-6
  • Lilly Oldham spike. Montour 9-7
  • Cici smetana point off serve. Montour 9-8
  • Lilly Oldham point. Montour 12-9
  • Hannah McDowell spike. Montour 13-10
  • Addison Blosnick point. Montour 11-13
  • Teagan Murray serve point. Montour 13-12
  • Hannah McDowell block. Tied 13-13
  • Hannah McDowell spick. Montour 16-14
  • Messed up serve by Montour. Montour, 18–15.
  • Addison Blosnick successful serve. Montour 18–16.
  • Lilly Oldham point. Montour 18-17
  • Addison Blosnick serve point. Tied 18-18
  • Lilly Oldham point. Tied 19-19
  • Sydney Malackanich serve point. Hopewell 20-19
  • Sydney Malackanich serve point. Hopewell 21-19
  • Lilly Oldham point. Montour 24-22
  • Teagan Murray tip point. Montour 24-23

Game over. Montour wins a competitive match 25-23.

“Both 7 and 8th grade records were 6 wins and 8 losses,” said Hopewell HS and 8th Grade Girls Volleyball Coach Terry Borkovic. “While a few extra wins would have been nice, the important thing is the growth and development throughout the season. Most matches were very competitive. Only a few points difference and their records could have easily been 10 – 4.”

“The 7th grade showed improvement in their overall court awareness and transitions. The 7th grade team improved in all basic skills. Coach Lexi did an outstanding job of preparing these girls for each match.”

“I’m very pleased with the 8th grade development,” said Borkovic. “Every phase of their game improved. Serve receive, serving, attacking, blocking, digging, and setting, were better and the end of the season than at the beginning. I felt we were playing our best volleyball at the end of the season.”

Having the opportunity to work with these 8th graders was both exciting and beneficial for Coach Borkovic as the always strong high school program appears to be adding plenty of talent to their roster over the upcoming years.

“This team is very talented. The girls have a passion for the game. They are very goal oriented and genuinely care for each other. I enjoyed coaching this team. I’m anxiously awaiting upcoming summer workouts to see who’s going to stay with volleyball. With 17 girls on the team, some will move on to other sports/activities. I wish them well! For the girls that stay with volleyball, their future is bright.”


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