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Hopewell’s Julian Baldwin Continues To Display His Passion For Football



In order to get better and more importantly succeed at anything in life, you need to have passion and drive for what you’re doing.

If you’re not totally invested in what you’re doing, chances are you’re not going to maximize your potential.

That’s not something that Hopewell’s Julian Baldwin has a problem with. Anyone that knows this sophomore, knows the passion and want he has for the sport of football.

With a nice era of Hopewell football upon us, Baldwin is doing everything in his power to become a better play, which he hopes makes Hopewell a better football program.

Aside from winning more football games, Baldwin has a clear goal of earning a college scholarship which will allow him to play football beyond high school. In order to that, Baldwin is working with trainers at M7 Sports, Next Level coaches in Green Tree along with local trainer James Demery in order improve his speed, quickness, footwork and all game.

The results are no doubt showing as Baldwin recently broke the 21 MPH barrier in the 5 Second Drill for the first time, while training with the Hopewell Track and Field team.

Hopewell Sports Nation spoke on the phone today with Demery, who has been very impressed with Baldwin and sees big things down the line if the work continues.

“I’m doing a lot of individual work with Jules,” said Demery. “I’ll be honest with you. With all of these offers that are going around, I’m really surprised that more schools aren’t on him. It’s obvious to me that he’s talented and he’s a really hard worker. He’s a really good athlete, going to be a really good safety and his time is definitely coming. Julian is going to make Hopewell a busy place for college coaches really soon.”

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In order to get better, you have to focus on something in your game that you want to improve, and Baldwin went to Demery with something in mind.

“He came to me and said that he wanted to become an all-around better athlete. I believe that he can do that because like I said, he’s real hard worker, he puts his nose down, goes after and does whatever you ask of him. He’s one of those guys that if you ask him to run through a wall, he’s going to try and do it. He’s someone what will do anything to make a play or win a game for his teammates.”

Demery works with a lot of athletes to help them get better. HSN asked Demery what area he is zeroing in on with Julian.

“He’s still young and has some growing to do, but as of today, I’m trying to work with him on his quickness,” said Demery. “He can run fast but he can still be and needs to be a little quicker. There’s a difference between being fast and being quick. I’m working with him on his quickness and his lateral movement. As far as his size, I do think that’ll come, he’s only a sophomore. If a coach sits down and looks at his film, they’ll see that he’s everything they’re looking for.”

This offseason work for Baldwin will continue until new Hopewell football coach John Rosa and his staff begin organized workouts. Aside from his athletic ability, the biggest thing that Baldwin has going for him, and this will give him a shot of fulfilling his dream of playing college football is the want to get better.

“In this game of football, you have to be a dog and have the want to in you. Julian definitely has that and wants to be a top athlete and lead this Hopewell team out into battle.”

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