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Hopewell Varsity Girls Basketball drops to Blackhawk



The game started out exciting, with lots of energy from both teams. Good passing and good defense kept things close in the first period in the game this evening vs. Blackhawk. However as the game progressed the full court press from Blackhawk and missed opportunities started to wear on the Hopewell Girls. Hopewell kept it close though closing out the first period only down 8 points with a score of 18-10.

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In the second period Blackhawk began pulling away from Hopewell as Hopewell struggled to find an answer to Blackhawks Number 11, Alena Fusetti. Alena Fusetti was lights out putting up 8 scoring plays and dominated from the corners. By the end of the Second Period the score was 37-18 Blackhawk.

Unfortunately for Hopewell they could not get anything going with defense sputtering out and little to no offense left in the game it ended with a final score of 67-28, with Hopewell only scoring another 10 points in the last two periods combined.

Play by Play:

First Period:

  • Hopewell Number 12 – Caylee Sundy scores to open the game with the layup
  • Blackhawk Number 11 – Alena Fusetti sinks three pointer
  • HW Caylee Sundy fouled on the next play and puts up one
  • HW good defense stance stops two drives and HW #4 – Avery Boyd takes advantage scoring on a layup
  • Blkhwk #20 – Aubree Hupp shoots a three from the edge and scores
  • BlkHwk #20 – brings the ball right back with a layup and converts 1 of 2 foul shots
  • HW #2 – Allision Ramaley gets fouled in the back and converts 1 of 2 shots
  • 15-8 with 2 minutes left in the first period
  • HW #2 – Ally lines a sweet pass to HW #4 – Avery for two
  • 18-10 Blackhawk at the end of the first period

Second Period:

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  • Blackhawk opens up the second on fire letting #11 free to shoot sinking another 3 pointer
  • HW misses two layups in a row followed by a missed shot
  • Blkhwk #20 fouled and score one
  • Blackhawk begins to pull away halfway through the second with the score now 25-10
  • Blkhwk #30-Pioper Romigh fouled, converts 2/2
  • Blackhawk adds more pressure with the full court press wearing out the HW offense near the end of the second
  • With 3 minutes left HW #4 Avery sinks a three pointer
  • Blkhwk #31 Ava Pagani scores on the layup and draws the foul
  • Blkhwk #11 Alena still not done for the night sinks another three pointer from the corner
  • Immediately on next play Blkhwk #11 Alena steals the ball and converts a layup
  • HW #2 – Allison Ramaley scores two
  • Blkhwk #5 Scores 2
  • HW #12 Caylee sinks 2
  • End of the Second Period the score is Blackhawk Dominating Hopewell 37-18

Third Period

  • HW #4 – Avery sinks three pointer
  • Blkhwk #6 converts a layup
  • Blkhwk #11 still on a roll sinks another three pointer
  • Blkhwk #6 sinks a three
  • Blkhwk #20 rebounds and scores 2
  • Blkhwk #11 sinks another three – with a dominate performance in this game
  • End of the Third Period Blackhawk 57-Hopewell 23

Fourth Period

  • Blkhwk Scores on bad pass from HW – 2 points
  • HW #12 sinks foul shot
  • Blkhwk #24 insdie shot for two
  • Blkhwk #32 steals the pass from HW and scores layup
  • HW – #11 Alana Covalt steals the pass from Blkhwk and scores two

End of the Game Final Score – Blackhawk 67 – Hopewell 28



Hello Hopewell! While I am not originally a Hopewell native, it has been my home for over 12 years. My wife and I have three beautiful children that all play Hopewell sports including baseball and softball. My wife and I are both active in coaching our Children's teams. I am a member of the Hopewell Youth Baseball Board of Directors and you will probably see me out at the fields at least a few days a week. Most recently coaching my youngest sons TBALL team.

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