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Hopewell Boys Volleyball Finish Regular Season with Win over Montour



Last night, the Hopewell Boys Volleyball team celebrated their final game of the season with a huge win against Montour. The Vikings defeated the Spartans, 3 sets to none.

My top performers of the match were junior setter Paul Thompson, sophomore hitter Alex Alvarado, sophomore hitter Jake Pollick , senior captain hitter Max Bridgman and senior captain hitter Seth Young.

The Hopewell volleyball program also took the time to recognize past alumni from the program. The alumni there were in attendance last night were:

-Sean Bridgman, Class of 1994
-Rich Polovina, Class of 1996
-Patrick McGovern, Class of 2008
-Adam Spears, Class of 2014
-Adam Barkman, Class of 2016
-Josef Batvinskis, Class of 2016
-Nate Given, Class of 2021
-Chandler Dameron, Class of 2021
-Jake Strnisa, Class of 2023
-Cameron Michel, Class of 2023
-Corey Obeldobel, Class of 2023

The former Viking players had to be impressed with the performance they witnessed last night. Here’s a recap of their win.

Set 1: Hopewell Wins 25-22

-Pass from Alvarado to Thompson, who sets up Alvarado for the kill, 5-5
-Pass from Pollick to Thomspon, who sets up Young for the kill, 7-7.
-Kill from Pollick, 9-8 Hopewell.
-Pass from Young to Thompson to Pollick for a backrow kill, 13-11 Hopewell.
-Tip from Bridgman, 16-14 Hopewell.
-Kill from Pollick, 18-17 Hopewell.
-Free ball kill from Thompson, 20-18 Hopewell.
-Set dump from Thompson, 21-18 Hopewell.
-Backrow kill from Pollick to end the set. Hopewell wins 25-22.

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Set 2: Hopewell Wins 25-17

-Ace from Thompson, Hopewell 3-0.
-Pass from Young to Thompson, who sets Pollick up for the kill, Hopewell 6-4.
-Pass from Pollick to Thompson to Alvarado for the kill, Hopewell 8-4.
-Tip from Bridgman, Hopewell 12-7.
-Pass from Bridgman to Thompson, who set dumps it, Hopewell 13-7.
-Kill from Young. Hopewell 15-11.
-Block from Gannon Berg, Hopewell 16-11.
-Pass from Pollick to Thompson, who sets it to Alvarado for the kill, Hopewell 19-12.
-Kill from Pollick, Hopewell 20-13.
-Tip from Bridgman, Hopewell 23-17.

Set 3: Hopewell Wins 25-15

-Tip from Pollick, Hopewell 2-0.
-Kill from Bridgman, Hopewell 5-1.
-Pass from Alvarado to Thompson to Pollock for the kill, Hopewell 7-4.
-Tip from Berg. Hopewell 11-4.
-Kill from Bridgman, Hopewell 13-6.
-Block from Thompson, Hopewell 14-6.
-Pass from Bridgman to Thompson, who sets up Alvarado for the kill, Hopewell 15-6.
-Backrow kill from Alvarado, Hopewell 19-8.
-Tip from Berg, Hopewell 23-13.
-Block from Berg. Hopewell 24-14.

Congratulations to the boys on a great season!

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