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Hopewell Junior High/High School Baseball Workouts Start This Week



Believe it or not, baseball season is right around the corner!

In fact, Coach Singletary and the Hopewell Viking baseball program will get things going this week.

Starting this Wednesday and continuing through the month of February, the Hopewell high school and junior high coaches will be conducting off-season workout programs at the Hopewell High School Auxiliary Gym.

While it’s understood that some players won’t be able to attend all workouts because of being involved in other sports, a player’s participation when available is encouraged. This is especially true for the junior high players who will have their first opportunity to be around the high school players and coaches and to see how they do things.

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All players are being asked to wear Hopewell colors, have clothes to practice inside or outside and obviously bring their bat and glove.

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Here are the dates for the workouts, times of the practice will vary due to other activities going on in the gym.

Hopewell Junior High/High School Baseball Workouts:
January 3, 6:00/8:30 PM.
January 4, 6:00/8:30 PM.
January 8, 6:00/8:30 PM.
January 10, 6:00/8:30 PM.
January 11, 3:00/6:00 PM.
January 15, 3:00/6:00 PM.
January 17, 6:00/8:30 PM.
January 18, 3:00/6:00 PM.
January 22, 3:00/6:00 PM.
January 24, 6:00/8:30 PM.
January 25, 6:00/8:30 PM.
January 29, 3:00/6:00 PM.
January 31, 6:00/8:30 PM.
February 1, 3:00/6:00 PM.
February 5, 3:00/6:00 PM.
February 7, 7:30/10 PM.
February 9, 3:00/6:00 PM.
February 12, 3:00/6:00 PM.
February 14, 6:00/8:30 PM.
February 16, 3:00/6:00 PM.
February 19, 3:00/6:00 PM.
February 21, 6:00/8:30 PM.
February 23, 3:00/6:00 PM.
February 26, 3:00/6:00 PM.
February 28, 6:00/8:30 PM.

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